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Interclub Season Criteria 2024

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After what was a fantastic and successful interclub year in 2023, our interclub season 2024 will kick off in the coming weeks.Indeed, our defence of the Garden County is almost upon us, with our 1st game on the 27th of January at home to Wicklow at 11am. Support always gratefully received. The managers for each team are now in place and preparations are underway to compile panels of
players suitable for each team, if you have not already been added to a panel but would like to participate, please contact the manager in your relevant sector. Remember, all club teams will enjoy coaching sessions with Tom O’Neill. It is a great opportunity to represent our club and build a club spirit!

Below you will find a list of competitions Tulfarris has entered and the criteria for eligibility to each. Please look at the handicap ranges for each competition and determine which you are suitable for.
All eligible handicaps are based on your lowest index from 01-01-2023 until 31-12-2023.

Garden County Trophy – Brendan Daly 087-9886000
Foursomes Matchplay.
Combined handicap index of pairing cannot be lower than 14.
Individual player handicap index allowed is based on lowest during 2023.
Defending champions.

Barton Cup – Brendan Daly
The same criteria as Garden County Trophy.

Men’s Leinster Trophy (Formally Provincial Towns Cup) – Mick Mahoney 0858355402
Singles Matchplay with lowest permitted individual handicap index 8.5 in 2023.

Jimmy Bruen Sheild– Stephen Cullen 0879654490
Foursomes Matchplay competition. To be eligible player cannot have had an index of lower than 3.5
during 2023. Combined minimum handicap index is 14.

Pierce Purcell Sheild – George Cheung 0876682147
Foursomes Matchplay competition, to be eligible a player cannot have had a handicap index lower
than 10.5 in 2023. Minimum combined handicap index of 25. Ideal player handicap 10.5-15.

Junior Cup – TBC
Singles Matchplay competition, to be eligible player cannot have had an index lower than 2.5 in 2023.

Leinster Senior Men’s (formally Fred Perry) – Gavin Buckley 0872290333
Fourball Matchplay competition, maximum individual handicap index allowed is 24 during 2023,
A maximum combined index of 36.
(Minimum of 50 years age restriction).
Defending champions.

South Leinster Trophy – Brian Nolan 0833741238
Singles Matchplay competition, minimum individual index of 16 applies (lowest in 2023).
Previous winners.

Brennan Cup – Derek Yeates 0863874944
Fourball Matchplay competition, no handicap criteria – open to all handicap ranges (shots given /received).
Previous winners.

Irish mixed fourball – Jerry Lambe 0872668784
Fourball Matchplay competition, mixed format (ladies & gents) individual pairing eligible with handicap index of not lower than 10 (based on lowest in 2023) combined not lower than 27 and not higher than 40.

Cullen Cup – Jerry Lambe 0872668784
Foursomes’ competition, handicap index of maximum 18 for men and maximum 28 for ladies (based on lowest in 2023).
Defending champions.

The Naas Trophy– Jay Curley 0872178004
Singles Matchplay competition. Handicap criteria lowest .1 to maximum 15. Shots given.
Age criteria 18 to 27 on the 1st of January 2024.

Boys Interclub – Stephen Byrne 0868075619
Single stableford competition, minimum handicap index of 5.0 and maximum of 24 (based on lowest in 2022). Drop down is permitted if index higher than 24 – player will have to play off 24 maximum.

The club really needs you to put yourself forward, inter-club is not for elite golfers, it has a spread which covers the lowest handicap golfers through medium and high, so there will be a team where you will have the
opportunity to meet other members, increase the spirit of the club by sharing coaching and practice sessions and of course have the honour of representing Tulfarris.

Remember if you are not playing your support at a game is so vital as all the mangers will attest to that having ball spotters or members just cheering the team on can and does make a difference of winning and losing. So please support whatever way you can.

I would like to thank Mick Curran (Inter-Club team coordinator) for his help and to all managers for their time and dedication to this cause.

Wishing every player, team, and manager the best of success for 2024.

Yours in golf.
Kevin Higgins.