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Club Levies and Competition Fee end Date

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Club Levies and Competition Fee end Date

Just a reminder that your 2023/24 Club Levies and Competition Fee expire on the 29th February 2024.

The Levies/Admin fee of €85 covers Golf Ireland membership registration, golf insurance, admin and license and IT support for the Competition entry/results Computer system. We ask that
members pay these levies by the deadline as insurance is a requirement in order to play on the course.

The Competition fee of €135 covers prizes and two’s money for competitions during the year (approx 39 comps). Competition fees can be paid as a once off, or alternatively members can pay
€12 entry fee per competition covered (Youths €100 or €6 per round plus €2 two’s, Juniors €35 or €5 per round plus €2 two’s). It is important that these fees are paid by the end of February as the
computer system will only accept entry for competitions for fee paid members from the start of March.

Yours in golf,
James Mulligan, Comp Sec